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Photo Specifications for

Contact us here to include your listing and for more information on our advertising packages.

All photos submitted to should be processed in the following manner:

  • Photos should be cropped in a photo editing program prior to export (see exact dimensions below).  Resizing small photos to fit often results in distorted photos and is not acceptable for
  • Photos should be optimized for web viewing. Submitting unnecessarily large photo files does not improve the viewer experience and slows down the site. Please use the following specifications when exporting files for usage on
  1. Export to JPEG files
  2. Set quality to 75%
  3. Set to 100 DPI – most monitors do not display more than 72 DPI, but some newer monitors may display more
  4. Sharpen for Screen – High (this option is available for a Lightroom export, but may not be available on other photo editing software)
  5. Metadata – you may include this if you wish, but it doesn’t automatically flow through to the site.
  6. Title, photo credit, etc – we can manually add this information if it is provided to us.
  7. Photo sizes:
    • Teaser (193x150) – this is the small photo that is displayed next to the basic business listing.
    • Slider (740x299) – this is the large image(s) on the top of the enhanced business listing page. The most effective slideshow will contain 6-8 images.
    • Ads (171x114) – this is for ads that display on the left hand column of most interior pages on the site.

If you are uncomfortable with optimizing photos, please email us the highest quality photo files available, and will make the necessary adjustments. The cost is $5 per photo, which may be waived based on advertising level.

If pictures are not available, can arrange for photos to be taken at a rate of $50 per hour. One hour will typically generate enough high quality images (including processing) for a single enhanced business page.