Telluride Science Research Center

Telluride Science Research Center seeks to extend the known boundaries of molecular science by providing a forum around which scientists, engineers, theorists, and experimentalists can gather for face-to-face discussion and collaboration. TSRC relies on the meeting organizers to decide the topics, control the structure, and choose the participants of the meeting. Committed to cutting edge research, TSRC provides the common ground for addressing critical scientific challenges, focusing new questions, and catalyzing the discovery of answers. 

The town of Telluride has become synonymous with cutting edge molecular science research: 4,000 scientists from 500 different institutions and 68 countries attend one hundred meetings annually. TSRC has established summer graduate programs to complement their university education, and TSRC engages the local community and region with education programming throughout the year.

TSRC runs an internship program for young people interested in science, science communications, science outreach, marketing, and more. All TSRC internships are paid internships that typically run June through mid-August. Visit,, for more details. 

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 2429

Telluride, CO 81435

(970) 708-0004