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Telluride Historical Museum

The mission of Telluride’s historical museum is to preserve and promote the rich and colorful history of the Telluride region. The Telluride Historical Museum brings history to life through interactive exhibits, programming, and outreach. Study the geology of the region, the Ute Native Americans, the discovery of gold and silver, the growth of the mining town, the hardships of the miners and their families, and the arrival of the railroad.

You'll have an opportunity to study early technologies of precious metal extraction and the dangers of hard rock mining. Learn how miners organized in an effort to share in mining profits and how management's harsh response led to labor strikes, murder, and intrigue. Hear about how the arrival of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad changed the face of an otherwise rugged and gritty western mining town.

Explore the innovations necessary for the people of a remote town in the San Juan Mountains to prosper. Discover how creative minds managed to find other ways to keep the region's economy going when mining profits began to dry up and the town began to fade away. In short, the people, events, and history of Telluride reflect the innovations, tenacity, and enduring human spirit in us all.

The Telluride Historical Museum also sells photos from all eras of Telluride’s history – a great memory from your Telluride trip!

Hours will shorten during the winter.