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High Country Shipping

High Country Shipping specializes in ease of travel. Multiple airports, lots of luggage and weather delays can make it a lot of work to reach your vacation destination. Let the country's premiere resort shipping service lessen your load. Ship from your home and have your luggage waiting for you upon your arrival. High Country Shipping will take care of the rest!

Here's how it works:

HCS provides your pre-printed shipping labels by mail or email

Pack your things in suitcases, duffels, ski bags, boxes, etc

Plan to ship 5-10 business days ahead of your scheduled arrival

UPS can be scheduled to pick up from your home; or you can drop off at any UPS store

HCS notifies you of when your shipment has delivered at its location

HCS arranges pick up of your shipment upon your Departure



Single Ski Bags start at $58 one-way

Single Boot Bags start at $35 one-way

50 lb. Duffels start at $68 one-way

Golf Bags start at $68 one-way

Bicycles start at $78 one-way

There are no charges upfront for the service. The final charge is placed after the shipment has completed itself, and is approximate to what the shipment weighed and measured.