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September is a gorgeous time to visit. Don't forget your camera and a mask. There is a mask mandate in place in all indoor public spaces.

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Telluride Fire Festival

2015 El Pulpo Mecanico By Mark Westman

Inspired by Burning Man, The Telluride Fire Festival is centered around an interactive experience of fire artistry. Dynamic art performances will occur from when darkness falls to late evening. These displays will be held both in Mountain Village and in the town of Telluride. Many events and workshops are offered, both ticketed and free. The Festival has a Covid-safe, three-day Festival planned, which will be mostly out of doors to offer art and culture this December 4-6 in Telluride. Face masks will be provided for those that don’t have them and seating will be every other row at the one indoor event in the Palm Theater.

Expect over-the-top fiery art shooting flames high into the night sky at the Festival. There will be many activities including the family-friendly event at the historic Transfer Warehouse, which will enthrall visitors with interactive, flaming sculptures, fire dancers, music, and a cash bar, Friday and Sunday nights.

The Festival will be showcasing many interactive fire installations by artists from Telluride and the surrounding region at the event called Hot Time in the Old Town within the roofless Transfer Warehouse. Here below are just a few of the eclectic group of creators: Charlie Vierhout, from Arizona, will have his 10-foot tall street clock tower with buttons allowing people to control multiple types of flames blasts. The clock also has 1,300 LED’s, which run an ever-changing, and wildly brilliant, color display. Dave Mechtly, a Denver-based artist, will have two flaming masterpieces on display. One fun installation, Strictly Platonic, employs a button that guests can press to create “poofing” flames. Strictly Platonic also boasts a wonderful fire pit around which people can warm themselves while enjoying the beauty. Kristin Wesley, a community-based public artist in Phoenix, AZ, will showcase her Fire Lotus. She uses recognizable, repurposed metal components to create sculptural assemblages and fire features. Described as dynamic, colorful, and rhythmic, Kristin’s work often employs biomorphic imagery, utilizing gardens and plants as a metaphor for life.

Other inspiring events include:

  • Fire On The Mountain” atop the ski area will showcase spectacular wood sculptures on display during the day, which will ceremoniously burn to the ground Saturday night.
  • A dance and acrobatic performance at The Palm Theater in collaboration with Telluride Dance Collective and Homestead Circus Productions. Limited seating due to Covid safety protocols.
  • Free fire art performances along with flaming art cars on the public plaza in Mountain Village.
  • Free flow arts workshops.
  • Beginner Welding Workshop in an above ground nonworking Mine.
  • Costume artist, Micki Flatmo exhibition of elaborate Burning Man-style outerwear at Slate Gray Gallery, with an opening reception on Thursday, December 3. Costumes will be for sale.