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Special Class: UNIVERSAL YOGA with Balarama Chandra Das

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"Mastery of your entire being is possible through this vital practice called Universal yoga." Universal Yoga is a complete multi sector-total directional approach to Vinyasa Yoga. With focus on influencing all kosha, all dosha, and all nadi - our aim is complete health and transformation. At first it will feel like imposed complexity, challenging, and difficult. This practice finds and develops all of your blind areas requesting you to develop more strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and resilience. The practice can be fitted for any level but is notably inspiring for those with aptitude for advanced athleticism and familiarity with yoga theory, asana, and pranayam. Universal yoga uses multidimensional movement (churning movements, circular movements, inversions, and more! not just forward and back) and targets full mobilities in joints and develops muscle groups in a Ha (solar-strengthening) and Tha (lunar- lengthening). Although the practice is physically demanding the essence is manipulation of and control of solar and lunar nadi using rajasic energy in the positive to promote equanimity, poise, and residing in the goal of yoga- one pointed focus and clarity of being. In summary, mastery of your entire being is possible through this vital practice called Universal yoga. I know it sounds like a big promise but it is based in classic theory, technique, practice, and a heart of love passed on from generation to generation. For more information please review the web site of Andrey Lappa and this short you tube video of Andrey speaking on the subject: https://youtu.be/wiC9gGxXhq4 To read more about this yoga style: http://www.universal-yoga.com/