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Lost Wax Jewelry: Three Part Class with Amy Schilling

Design one-of-a-kind metal jewelry using the ancient art of lost wax casting. Over three weeks, students will learn how to carve and manipulate wax and apply basic metal techniques to conceptualize and finish two pieces of jewelry (rings, bangle bracelets, pendants, or beads). After first cutting, sculpting and carving their specific jewelry pieces into of wax, students’ designs will be sent off to be cast in silver or jeweler’s bronze. The second class session will focus on metal work, covering basic soldering, cutting with a jeweler’s saw, drilling, rivets, shaping and filing. During the final class, students will put it all together, applying finishing techniques to their cast pieces, including hand finishing, filing, sanding and flex shaft processes. The materials fee includes wax, tools and equipment. There will be a separate fee for metal casting depending on the amount and type of metal used (estimated $15-$65). • February 12: 4pm – 6pm: wax casting • February 19: 4pm – 6pm: metalwork and possibly some stone setting • February 26: 4pm – 6pm: putting it all together!