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Telluride Photo Festival

Photo Fest

Art and photography have been long synonymous with Telluride. The town also has a long-standing reputation as the festival capital of Colorado with a rich and varied summer event calendar. The Telluride Photo Festival seeks to combine these two elements into a weeklong event that celebrates photography, art, nature, learning, and commerce in the beauty that is Telluride. The goal of the festival is to bring together well-respected people in photography with people looking to perfect their craft to learn, create, and inspire. The festival also seeks to foster the next generation of photographers by offering programs geared toward young people, as well as local amateur and intermediate photographers.The Telluride Photo Festival is a weeklong event geared toward professional and advanced amateur photographers. The festival will bring outdoor, adventure, action sports, travel and nature photographers together from all over the world. The festival will feature a rich program meant to re-energize, educate and foster passion for the art and commerce of outdoor photography.