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St. Patrick's Catholic Church

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

109 years ago in 1896, St. Patrick's Church was organized in Telluride. On June 29 and 30th, 1996 the church of St. Patrick celebrated 100 years in the town of Telluride. Friend and members of the church gathered to pay tribute to the lasting legacy of St. Patrick's: the church, its pastors and the parish members that have played, from the mining days to the present day ski resort, such a vital part in the community of Telluride. While the community has gone though many changes over the years, St. Patrick’s continues to welcome all. Many of those who bought homes during the real estate surge are beginning to settle down in Telluride, whether as retirees or simply those fed up with city life. People seek a cleaner environment and a slower-paced existence. What better place to head for than Telluride!