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Telluride vs. Mountain Village

Which is the best place to stay in the summer?

Both Telluride and Mountain Village are beautiful towns, but they are unique in their own way. Which one is better to stay in the summer, would depend on what you want out of your trip. But remember, which ever one you choose you don’t have to stay in that town! The gondola is available so you can experience the best of both worlds.



Telluride is almost 150 years older than Mountain village. The mining story and how it morphed in to a ski town is absolutely amazing. There are historic buildings on every street, and a special character that just oozes charm.  The people who live in Telluride have either lived there for most of their lives or plan to.  The authenticity of our town gives Telluride a distinct flavor not experienced in many other mountain towns. Even the stores provide a unique flavor as each sells distinctive clothes and wares. Most are locally owned, so you see the personality of the owners reflected in each.

In terms of summertime activities staying in Telluride allows you to walk out your door and virtually begin hiking almost immediately. The Jud Weibe and Bear Creek are the most popular trails and offer stunning views of town and gushing water falls, respectively.  Another reason folks like to stay in town is because Town Park serves as the hub of the plethora of festivals that take place every weekend. If you want quick and easy access with no gondola line, I would look for lodging in Telluride.


A down side of staying in Telluride is that a lot of people stay in Telluride. If you want all loads of action but also desire some quiet moments to decompress, Telluride may not be the best option.  Lively festivals and nightlife don’t always help you relax.  I know some people enjoy the non-stop action, so you just have to decide which the best fit is for your vacation.

Mountain Village 


Mountain Village is the new and albeit ritzy part of the region, it only became a town in the 1980’s. It was created to accommodate people who wanted to be closer to the ski hill and provide a more full upscale service option compared to Telluride. In the summer it is closer to the outdoor free concerts that go on. Also, if you are a golf lover, the golf course is a few steps away for your enjoyment! Telluride Ski and Golf offers great service with easy to get tee times.

If you are concerned about your food quality, you never need to hesitate about a decision in Mountain Village. The number of delicious restaurants is numerous. No matter where you go you are guaranteed a perfect meal.


A down side of Mountain Village is that it is not nearly as unique as Telluride. It was designed to please people who want a luxury experience in the mountains. This leads to a more homogenous experience that you can get in other resorts across the west.  However, it is nice to have a swankier part of the mountain, but some people need a little more spice.


So as you can see there are ups and downs to both towns. If you are an active, historian, festival lover I would stay in Telluride, but if you are a calm, music loving, golfer I would suggest you stay in Mountain Village. Both are great in their own way, so you can decide where you want to book your next stay!