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Tag Responsibly, Keep Telluride Beautiful

Geotag responsibly and join our new initiative to help us preserve the beauty of Telluride.

Geotagging loved locations around Telluride has led to overuse, trail degradation, litter,  and many more  negative impacts. In an effort to preserve our beloved outdoor places, Visit Telluride and Telluride Mountain Club are encouraging social media users to tag their photos with 'Tag Responsibly, Keep Telluride Beautiful' instead of using a geotag. Social Media users are encouraged to use this new alternate, generic location tag while still sharing the beauty of Telluride.

We understand the desire to post photos of your Telluride experience on social media to share with your friends and family. Please keep in mind that social media is driving more and more people to experience mountain destinations with pristine outdoor areas that are unable to support a dramatic increase in traffic.

This simple gesture will help reduce excess traffic to the area that could bring unintended harm to the environment and preserve Telluride’s natural beauty for future generations.  

Our Tag Responsibly campaign ties into our effort to educate our guests on the way of life in Telluride. Here are some tips on how to maximize your Telluride vacation and follow the Telluride way.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in joining us to help preserve the beauty of Telluride and our special community.