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Hiking Up See Forever Trail

Most people think of skiing down See Forever Trail in the winter, but few people think of hiking up the trail in the summer and fall.  As a result, you’ll often have this beautiful trail to yourself. 

I prefer to hike up See Forever because the trail can be accessed from the top gondola station.  Riding up the gondola eliminates 1500 feet vertical of a somewhat less interesting hike.  From the gondola station head straight out the doors and continue straight until you see signs to the trail.  The trail is fairly well marked. 

From the gondola station to the top of the trail, it’s probably another 1,500-2,000 vertical feet of hiking, but the trail is wide and winding.  There’s nothing too strenuous here, but I’d rate it a moderate hike for the length. 

The first part of the hike highlights sweeping views of Mountain Village and Wilson Peak.  There are glimpses of the town of Telluride from the top of Lookout Ski Trail.  Ultimately, the trail ends at Revelation Bowl and looks out over the Bear Creek Basin. 

The See Forever Trail does not loop, however there is a wonderful option of getting down to the Bear Creek Trail.  Look for the Wasatch Connect.  As the name implies, this trail connects to the Wasatch Trail.  At this intersection, it’s all downhill to Bear Creek.  It’s a mile or so down to the Wasatch Trail.  From there, you have the option to follow the Wasatch Trail into Bridal Veil Basin or down to Bear Creek.  Connecting to Bridal Veil takes considerably more time and another ascent.  So, I took the left fork with continues down to Bear Creek.

My favorite parts of this loop are on the Wasatch Connect and the Wasatch Trail.  The views are fantastic and the trail is pretty empty.  In fact, from the time I left the gondola to the time I reached the Bear Creek trail, I only saw 3 other hikers. Once on the Bear Creek trail, it was entirely different.  I probably passed by 50 people during this last leg.

For me, the total loop from town back into town takes about 4 hours.