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The gondola is closed from Oct. 18 - Nov. 18, and many restaurants will be closed until the winter season begins. Don't forget your mask. There is a mask mandate in place in all indoor public spaces.

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Wondering If Telluride is Dog Friendly?

Many towns think that they are a dog friendly, and have the best dog owners, but those people have not been to Telluride. We are a completely different type of dog friendly. It is almost weird if someone doesn’t own a dog here. There are so many activities that it seems impossible for dogs not to be as happy as Clifford.  

Hiking with Your Dog

First, the countless hikes around town provide ample opportunity for Rover to get in his daily walk, and these are no ordinary jaunts around the block. These trails are chalk full of stunning views for dogs and their best friends. To keep those hiking trails pristine, the town of Telluride has thoughtfully provided several dispensers where you can grab eco-friendly pet disposal bags.  The majority of owners are incredibly responsible so tourists and locals alike can enjoy beautiful hikes without tip-toeing around pet bombs!

Dog Treats Everywhere

Then, there is the town itself. Walking down Telluride's Main Street, you are guaranteed to see at least one dog, if not ten. They could just be walking on their leash next to their owner, or tied to puppy parking waiting for a friendly child to acknowledge them. You are bound to see one sitting or lying down by a pole waiting for their owner to come and get them. With those quintessential puppy dog eyes and wagging tales, you can’t help but stop and give each a little pat or belly rub.

If they aren’t waiting for their person to come out of a store they are in the store with them. Many stores in Telluride are dog friendly and will have treats to give out as well, because most likely their pooch is already inside waiting for other dogs to come keep him company. In offices everywhere you can find the company dog taking a nap by its owner’s desk, and maybe catching a snack from a coworker’s lunch in the break room. Ask anyone, and they can name their office dog.

Free Dog Friendly Public Transportation

We cannot forget about the dog friendly transportation. The Galloping Goose, a free public bus, allows all dogs who are on a leash, to ride along with their owner. Also, the Gondola has cabins that allow dogs. So nothing can stop a dog from getting where he needs to be.

Dog Friendly Accommodations

Hotels all over Telluride offer dog friendly rooms, but Hotel Columbia does a little more. Two of their four floors are dog friendly and the hotel accepts all dogs no matter their size. They provide dog beds and bowls upon request, so your dog won't even feel like it left home! Mountainside Inn also offers some extra dog amenities. They have treats right at the desk for the travel tired dog. Also, after a muddy hike they have pet wiping rags to keep your friend clean. I know people love to go to a relaxing spa when they are on a vacation, so why wouldn't you treat your dog to the same luxury? The Soggy Dog is a grooming boutique and spa that has everything from teeth brushing, to hair styling to an overall clean up. So the next time you treat yourself, treat them too. 

All Are Welcome

A funny thing about all these dogs is that there is no one type, color, size or age. The diversity is astonishing! And they all are able to thrive at this high altitude and throughout the winter as temperatures dip. You can see the lively young Labs sprinting up and down the trails and also watch the small lap dogs just strolling down Colorado Avenue. There is a contingency of Burmese Mountain Dogs which walk in the Fourth of July parade and there are Border Collies chasing Frisbees in the park.

 With countless activities and dog lovers everywhere, no dog can resist the satisfaction Telluride offers.