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Photography Tours

Capture the Beauty of the San Juan Mountains

Every visitor to our town is struck by the plain fact that Telluride is among the most breathtaking mountain settings we will ever experience. The San Juan Mountains speak to the photographer in a voice unique from any other range. Iconic picturescapes, such as Wilson Peak, Bear Creek and the view from Imogene Pass, are so numerous that they obscure the endless secrets of these mountains which unfold for the exploring photographer.

Telluride Outside, Telluride's premier outdoor guide service, offers photography tours throughout the year, helping both amateur and professional photographers explore our amazing surroundings through their lenses. The mission as a guide service is to reveal both the known and the unknown, to capture moments and places that occur uniquely, to guide photography enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey with knowledge that can come only from living in the mountains themselves.

For more information about photography tours with Telluride Outside, fill out our reservation inquiry form or call (888) 369-6971 to speak directly with Telluride Outside. 

Telluride Outside’s photography tours emphasize time and place over technical instruction in the use of cameras. Each participant should be familiar with the use of his or her camera, as our photographers will not have time to learn the particulars of each camera’s functions. Inexperienced participants are welcome and advised to bring a point-and-shoot digital camera. Our tours are highly interactive, so some technical instruction will be provided, but the focus will be on the subject matter rather than the equipment. In photo critique sessions, our photographers will briefly discuss Photoshop techniques for editing images, but critique sessions will focus on photo content rather than editing methods.

If you find yourself exploring on your own, don't forget to bring your camera... The golden fall aspen trees are truly unique to Colorado and a photographer's dream subject. Capture those unforgettable moments in this unparalleled landscape and share those memories with friends and family!

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