One-to-One San Miguel Mentoring Program

One to One empowers youth in San Miguel County to achieve their social, emotional, and academic potential through professionally supported mentor relationships. There are five main programs that One-to-One supports:

One to One Core Mentoring - Mentors spend 2-6 hours per week with the Mentee (ages 5-17) for one year or more. The pair spends time in enriching activities within the community, one-on-one focused time, and they join in on One-to-One's group outings. The mentor and mentee may also focus on academic work if necessary.

The Study Buddy Program - This program targets ELLs (English Language Learners) and students in need of academic help, ages 5-17. The Mentor and Mentee meet two hours per week for at least one year to work on homework, language development, and other academic skills. The pair also participates in One-to-One's group and community activities.

Group Mentoring (Girls' Group & boys' Group) - This program targets Middle and High School students who may have grown out of their One-to-One mentoring relationship but who will still benefit from support and guidance. Focuses may include post-secondary academic and career exploration, sports/team building, body awareness, and communication and study skills. There are specific girls and boys group curricula led by Dr. Selena Sermano and Lanier Nelson respectively. 

Arts in Nature Group - This program focuses on elementary school children who have experienced loss or separation from a parent. This group is directed by a licensed art therapist and lasts for 8 weeks each summer. 

The Quest Scholarship Program - This program offers a 4-year scholarship to students in need of financial aid and who have clearly demonstrated high academic potential. Recipients of the scholarship will receive on-going academic and life-skills coaching and support. 

Contact Information: 

100 West Colorado Avenue

Suite 220 & 223

Telluride, CO 81435

(970) 728-0885