Visiting in September

September is a gorgeous time to visit. Don't forget your camera and a mask. There is a mask mandate in place in all indoor public spaces.

Know Before You Go


Love Telluride? We do too. So, let’s work together to protect this special mountain town and its beautiful backyard. The Ecology Commission’s Live Like a Local campaign is a good source of information about local ordinances and best practices designed to protect our quality of life and natural environment, including:

  • Don’t be trashy, reduce, reuse and recycle. If you need help with local recycling rules, ask your property manager or carefully read the signage on the garbage cans and dumpsters where you are staying.
  • Slow the Flow, save H20. The region is experiencing long-term drought. Please conserve water.
  • Be Bear Aware and secure trash cans. Allowing bears and other wildlife to get used to human food waste is dangerous for these wild creatures.
  • Pick up where your dog left off. Need we say more?
  • Leave No Trace. Let’s give our natural surroundings some love this summer.
  • Idling is a turn off and it’s illegal per a local ordinance. It is illegal to idle for more than 30 seconds (3 minutes on a cold morning). Our mountain air is clean and clear. Let’s keep it that way!