JuJu's Roof Snow Removal LLC

Snow Removal Service

Juju's Roof Snow Removal, LLC is a one-man Telluride based company with 20 years of experience in residential/commercial roof snow and ice removal.

Juju does pre-winter roof care: gutter cleaning, roof inspection, heat tape care, roof anchor installation, roofing screws care/replacement, waterproofing work, vent boot care/replacement.
Then your roof is ready for heavy snowfall and Juju can regularly check on ice and snow accumulation specially on north facing sides and in valleys where ice dams build up.
As a certified rope technician, Juju uses static ropes, harness and a descending device in order to access the work location hands-free and remove snow with a plastic shovel and ice with a 20 oz hammer.
Only one man on your roof, one roof at a time, quality first.
No sledge hammer nor holes on your roof.
7 days/week service.

Fast. Safe. Affordable. Certified. Licensed. Insured.

305 Society Drive, Suite C5
Telluride CO,  --
United States