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Original Thinkers in Telluride, Colorado

Original Thinkers is a media company that endeavors to discover and introduce new thinking around the complexities and challenges of our ever changing world. Original Thinkers curates creative, fresh and thought-provoking programming that shines a spotlight on a host of new voices, artists, thinkers, storytellers, and visionaries and invites audiences on a transformative journey to listen, think deeply, see possibility and embrace new ideas.

The festival brings ideas, story and community together. Using the festival as a springboard, Original Thinkers has launched several initiatives that thoughtfully repurpose the festival’s engaging programming. OT On The Road curates shows for arts organizations, schools and resorts. OT B2B works with companies to provide edifying programs for their corporate retreats and other business gatherings. Original Thinkers’ production arm is creating fresh content including short films, podcasts and documentary series featuring festival guests.


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