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An enormous part of what makes Telluride and Mountain Village so special is the unique, natural environment in which we live. We do our best to protect it, actively pursuing practices of sustainability and minimizing our impact.

From our biodiesel shuttle buses to the wind energy that powers our free gondola, which in itself allows residents and visitors to travel efficiently between our two towns, our commitment to environmentally-sound practices is an integral part of all development in the region. Even today, the hydroelectric powerplant house, visible at the top of the iconic Bridal Veil Falls, provides approximately 25 percent of Telluride's electricity.

In 2008, the Town of Telluride purchased the undeveloped, 570-acre parcel of meadows and woodland along the valley floor, at the entrance to town.  It created an open-space barrier that continues to protect the natural environment that encompasses the town.

How to Visit Telluride & Mountain Village "Right"?

Please take the Telluride Pledge 

As we welcome visitors to our beautiful town and surrounding area, we ask that you take in the magestic views and appreciate what nature has given us. As locals, we care deeply about the environment and hope you will too. 

Do the World Right

  • Let’s work together today for a better tomorrow.
  • Let’s waste less and enjoy more.
  • Let’s not be trashy and instead reuse and recycle.
  • Let’s get a java jolt with a reusable mug.
  • Let’s sip beverages with a metal straw.
  • Let’s offset our travel emissions.
  • Let’s conserve resources by turning off lights when leaving a room, unplugging electronics and chargers when not in use and reusing towels and linens.

Do You Right

  • Let’s always be prepared with sunscreen, layers and water.
  • Let’s stay hydrated with our pure Rocky Mountain water from a reusable water bottle.
  • Let’s care more about ourselves than the selfie.

Do Our Towns Right

  • Let’s ride the free Gondola, a bike, the eco-friendly free buses or walk like a local.
  • Let’s be aware of local single-use plastics bans and remember to bring reusable bags to avoid fees for disposable ones.
  • Let’s come to see and not be seen.
  • We are a small town with a big heart. Let’s treat local workers with kindness and respect.

Do Our Backyard Right

  • Let’s take a deep breath, slow down and be respectful of others and the environment.
  • Let’s keep the mountains pristine by bringing out everything we brought in.
  • Let’s enjoy wildlife and nature without disrupting.
  • Let’s always be careful with fire.
  • Let’s tag responsibly or, even better, not at all.

One Mission. One Voice. 

EcoAction Partners is a local sustainability organization that tracks regional greenhouse gas emissions and provides programming to help reduce energy and waste across San MIguel and Ouray Counties.

Their staff and volunteers actively support sustainability in our community through collaborative programs for residents, visitors, businesses, students, governments and more. These include the Green Business Program, SMPA Rebate Program, Plastic Film Recycling Program, the income qualified weatherization CARE Program, and Zero Waste Teams at Telluride’s festivals, regional events, and much more.

Click here to view EcoAction Partners' guide to visiting sustainably, and reducing greenhouse gasses emitted in our area. 

Green Business is Smart Business

The Green Business Program is a membership program creating a sustainable business community while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EcoAction aims to help businesses navigate the complex process of identifying, prioritizing, and selecting optimal sustainability actions. This is a great opportunity for businesses to do their part to become more sustainable, save money by lowering their utility bills, and  showcase their efforts!

The following businesses have completed the certification: 

  • Ah Haa School for the Arts 
  • Alpine Bank 
  • Alternative Power Enterprises
  • Bootdoctors 
  • Ethos
  • Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge
  • Guide Garage 
  • Inn at Lost Creek​
  • Jagged Edge 
  • La Cocina de Luz
  • Lotus Energy Solutions
  • Luminosity
  • Madeline Hotel and Residences 
  • Rigs Adventure CO 
  • Reinhart Contracting 
  • San Miguel Power Association  
  • Telluride Historical Museum 
  • Telluride Naturals
  • Telluride Realty and Investments 
  • Telluride Resort Store
  • Wilkinson Public Library  

Regional Climate Action Plan

The Ouray and San Miguel County Regional Climate Action Plan was completed in 2021 by EcoAction Partners and Sneffels Energy Board. This plan sets the stage for the next decade of climate action across our region.  We are looking ahead to goals of a 50% reduction in our GHG emissions by 2030 and a 90% reduction by 2050. This plan identifies actions across the eight sectors of: Community Engagement & Policy, Energy Supply, Buildings, Transportation, Waste, Food, Water, and Land and will help guide intentional actions over the next 3-, 5-, and 10- years.

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