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March 8th, 2019

Telluride Fans Express Their Love

A warning to those who have never visited Telluride …once you do there is a strong potential you will fall HARD for this mountain town and be forever changed. Don’t take our word though, listen to what our guests have to say.  We recently ran a social contest asking people what they loved most about Telluride. Here are some of our favorite responses: 

The people and the feeling! Telluride is absolute magic!!! Year round!! --Karen /  Hunstville AL

One of my favorite things about Telluride is how discrete it is. I feel like I’m in another world, yet at home when I am in Telluride. There is one way in and one way out. You can’t get more unique than that!--McCall / Clinton MS

In all my travels, here and abroad, there is no place that compares to Telluride!! My soul is renewed each and every time I arrive...whether it is the feeling of complete peace while hiking among the trees, shooting images that inspire me to create more art, or just simply wandering the streets in town...there is a connection to something wonderful, that only happens in this beautiful place. --Mary / Grand Junction CO

There is just some type of enchanting, charming, mystical air about Telluride. It’s quaint, small town charm is welcoming. It’s not like other ski towns, it’s intimate. Telluride has activities, festivals, and sports all times of the year. It’s a home away from home Telluride is unlike any other place. No wonder musicians sing of her unique beauty and spirit.-- Michelle / Phoenix AZ

What I love most about Telluride is the magical feeling and an overwhelming sense of happiness that consumes you when you come into the valley. Whether I am at the Bluegrass Festival, winter skiing, or falling in love... it will always be a special place.--Sarah / Englewood CO

There is no place I love more than Telluride. We are headed there next month for our 4th visit we love it so much. The very first time were there I said this is the most magical place I have ever been. It is like Christmas. Seriously I can’t believe Hallmark hasn’t filmed a movie there. Mountain village reminds me of a little German Village and with the ice skating rink in the center just amazing. And everyday in Telluride is a beautiful day! Sounds cliche but so true. You can’t beat the views from see forever run or the view of Telluride from the Gondola. That is one of our favorite things is to just be able to ride Gondolas everywhere!! --Kelly/ Sun City AZ

Telluride reminds me of a perfect mini Christmas Village that people set up their homes. Aside from The breathtaking views, my favorite thing is the story sharing with the people you meet from all over the world. The Galloping Goose is a great place for story sharing! Telluride is my family’s perfect place!--Danielle / Peoria CA

Telluride is my happy place. There’s something about the San Juan mountains that takes my breath away. The moment I drive through Lizard Head Pass I feel home. From walking on Main Street, to sipping a glass of wine in Bon Vivant, and the amazing slopes, Telluride has my heart. I wish I would make it my permanent home--Ricardo / San Antonio TX

I love Telluride because it’s a little slice of heaven on earth. It’s like if you could paint an ideal place in time, you’d paint Telluride on a summer afternoon near the river with the sun shining down.--Madeline / Philadelphia PA

Telluride is such a special hidden gem in Colorado and I’m so glad I have gotten to experience it.--Olivia/Prairie Village, KS

What I love most About Telluride is being on a back trail and literally not seeing another soul around me. There is nothing more peaceful than feeling like I have the entire place to myself. No other ski resort offers this solitude. --Suzanne/ Plano TX

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