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August 1st, 2018

Discover Telluride Time

Entering Telluride involves more than the stunning drive along the Highway 145 spur that stretches beside the Valley Floor, with elk lazing in the fall sun, the surrounding mountains – now streaked with greens and golds – towering all around and the tiny town itself nestling sleepily ahead. Once you arrive, you realize that not only are you in the most beautiful place on earth, but that you have also slipped imperceptibly, but splendidly, into Telluride Time. The slower pace of fall makes it even easier to slip easily into Telluride time.

You park your car, realizing that you won’t likely need it again. After all, everywhere is walkable, or accessible by the Gondola or the town bus service, both of which are free. You drop your bags at your accommodations (many of which offer fall lodging specials), realizing that the laptop, tablet and phone may not get much use in the activity-filled coming days. You throw on a pair of shorts, apply some sunscreen, put some layers into a knapsack – this is autumn in the San Juans after all – and head out.

You might first stroll along sunny Main Street where Telluride’s historical buildings – the town is a National Historic Landmark District – give you a sense of timelessness, a sense that you are just the latest in nearly 150 years of adventurers and wanderers, pioneers and seekers to walk this path. It’s a typical fall day, the town a little quieter now. Dogs loll in the sunshine, chatting friends lounge on street-side benches, bikers wind past and wave hello. Visit any of Telluride’s small, independent shops – some are sophisticated, others are more practical, many are both – where you’ll probably be greeted by the owners, or find that they snuck out for a quick hike or bike. You could then drop into one of Telluride’s locally owned restaurants. Many of our eateries are award winning or figure on “Best of” lists, but still manage to be completely unpretentious. The scene is laidback and friendly, the menu delicious. 

Next up is why many of us are in Telluride: the outdoors. Check in with the visitors’ center, use a local guide or consult local weather reports and maps and then head out of town on foot or mountain bike. There are hiking trails and old mining routes galore that will bring you into the basins, slopes and peaks high above the town. See the stunning fall foliage and wildlife and the relics of Telluride’s mining days. Challenge yourself with a day-long high-alpine hike or bike, or just take a short walk along the river or to a waterfall. Take time at a vantage point to catch autumnal views that will stay with you all your life. There’s no rush, no conference calls, no meetings, no clients.

Even Telluride’s fall festivals and events are on Telluride Time. Our autumn events offer programming that ranges from thought-provoking to plain old fun, with films, talks and more in more intimate settings. Even if you find yourself standing on Telluride’s Main Street on a lively fall evening, take a moment to look up at the forested slopes, sliced in spots with red rock, that run up to those stunning, ageless peaks. We promise, you’ll feel it then.

Mountain Daylight Time? Uh-uh. We told you – it’s Telluride Time. Enjoy! 

Fall is the best time of year to enjoy Telluride Time during a quieter time of year and take advantage of lodging specials and packages

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