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May 3rd, 2011

Bear Aware!

Here's a little reminder to be Bear Aware! this summer when it comes to sharing space with the wiley creatures.
At Home 
-Never ever intentionally feed a bear. 
-Store garbage outside in bear-proof containers or inside a detached building. 
-Don't leave pet food outside where bears can get to it. 
-Move hummingbird and bird feeders inside at night. 
-Clean and store barbecue grills inside a structure after every use. 
-Don't put fruit or melon rinds, meat or grease in a mulch or compost pile. 

In Camp 
-Don't store food or eat in your tent. 
-Don't sleep in the clothes you wore while cooking or eating. Store these clothes outside the tent. 
-Keep clothing, grills, camp stoves and tables free of grease. 
-Store your food in the trunk of your car or suspend it at least 10 feet off the ground between two limbs too small for a bear to climb. 
-Don't keep toiletries inside your tent or wear perfume or cosmetics.
-If you encounter a bear Back away slowly while facing a bear. 
-Speak softly to the bear and try not to show fear, 
-Fight back if a bear attacks you. Use rocks, sticks, binoculars or any object that may be available.

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