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August 26th, 2022

5 Reasons to Get Your Original Thinkers Pass

An incredible event held each autumn in Telluride, Original Thinkers takes place this year Sept. 30-Oct. 2. The carefully curated ideas festival is something special, bringing diverse films and filmmakers, live performances, conversation and more to the box canyon. Passes are currently on sale at and, we can’t stress this enough, now is the time to grab one. Why? Well, here are our top five reasons …

The lineup. To say that the films at this year’s event mirror the zeitgeist is something of an understatement. The event’s prescient organizers have managed to assemble a wide range of beautifully made, highly acclaimed films (features, as well as shorts) that examine topics ranging from Russia to reproductive rights, cancer research to climate change. The bullseye relevance of what’s on offer at OT 2022 is astonishing.

The structure. A true ideas festival, Original Thinkers sits at the intersection between story and idea with a structure that ensures thorough exploration of that intersection. Eventgoers don’t just see a feature film or short and move on. Rather, once the closing credits have rolled, the audience takes a deeper dive with targeted conversations, speakers, performance art, live music and more, so that the story becomes a launchpad for ideas. It’s a unique approach that pays dividends for attendees.

The vibe. It’s no accident that Original Thinkers takes place in autumn, a quieter, more reflective time in the box canyon. Add to this that OT is a smaller festival that shuns the oversaturated programming of other, larger events and you have all the makings of an intimate gathering that offers the time and safe spaces to nurture meaningful connections and an authentic sense of community between guests and attendees. You know that frantic, big-festival feeling of running from program to program in an attempt to see it all? That just doesn’t happen at OT.

The emphasis on wellness. Let’s face it: these are trying times. Original Thinkers’ organizers know this is so and have taken steps to ensure approachable programming that excites and engages but does not, we promise, overwhelm or drag down. OT founder David Holbrooke puts it like this: “You are going to take on some hard truths at this year’s festival, but you are going to come out of it knowing that there are people out there trying to change the world in real and positive ways — and you’ll be heard and you’ll have fun.”

The location. Original Thinkers is held in the historic southwest Colorado town of Telluride, which sits at 8,750 feet amid the highest concentration of 13,000- and 14,000-foot peaks in North America. Expect stunning scenery, sun-drenched autumn days, crisp moonlit nights and opportunities for hikes, biking and other outdoor adventures when you aren’t working to change the world. Add to this a wonderful dining scene and laidback mountain town nightlife and you have the makings for an unforgettable experience.

The bottom line? Go. 

For more information and to purchase a pass, visit

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