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Bon Vivant

On-Mountain Restaurant with French Focus

Bon Vivant means "a person who enjoys a social and luxurious lifestyle." This is the perfect description of the seasonal restaurant located on the mountain at 11,220 feet above sea level. The restaurant serves up equal amounts of spectacular views and tasty French cuisine. Try the french onion soup with stone ground mustard croutons and brûléed Gruyere which is sure to warm you head to toe before you head back out to ski the rest of the afternoon.  If you have time to linger, order one of the main courses like the Le Bonaparte, a braised lamb shoulder which pairs perfectly with the Chateau Macquin Bordeaux. Strike up a conversation with fellow skiers and soak up the atmosphere!

Bon Vivant is seasonal and open during the ski season. 

Local Note –  Although dining here is on the pricey side, stop in for just a drink and you can still enjoy the views and the atmosphere without breaking the bank. Choose a local brew like Face Down Brown or Bridal Veil Rye; $7 each.