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Schmid Ranch in Telluride, Colorado

The Schmid Family Ranch is a Centennial farm on Wilson Mesa, about 10 miles west of Telluride proper. The ranch has been in operation since the family homestead in 1882, and the family works with the Nature Conservancy to preserve the entire ranch through a conservation easement. Today the family's wish is to share this unique property with the community while maintaining a way of life that honors the land.

About the Ranch

Parcels of the land were homesteaded by the Schmid Family ancestors as early a 1882.  The "Upper Place" was homesteaded in 1912. The lower parcels were bought and added in the mid 1930s making a total of nearly 900 acres. Goldie, Marvin and Sydney Schmid are the current owners. They recently placed a conservation easement on the property, preventing development or subdivision. The Schmid Family Ranch continues to operate today as a unique working ranch.

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