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Mountain Adventure Equipment

Mountain Adventure Equipment is your one stop shop for all summer rental gear needs.

We deliver the newest high-end bikes, Jeeps, paddleboards (SUPs), child accessories and can also pick up your own bike for expert service with our mechanics. Want to stop in the shop for your rental? We are open 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily. Bikes From Yeti, Transition, Giant and Marin. Sol Paddle Boards. Jeep and Toyota 4x4s.

As a business that specializes in playing in the outdoors, Mountain Adventure Equipment is committed to reducing their greenhouse gas impact and eliminating waste. Just a few of their actions include a full LED lighting conversion in the shop, elimination of single-use plastics, and upcycling of plastic product packaging. They offer reusable water bottles and packs for rent and sale, and were even able to convince Yeti Cycles to stop packaging bikes sent to them in unnecessary plastic bags.