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Telluride's Wilson Peak

Wednesday • August 19, 2015

Mountains. I have seen probably thousands, either from skiing them, hiking them or driving by them. I personally think every mountain is beautiful in its own way. The fact that plates under the earth push these magnificent giants out of the ground fascinates me. But out of all the peaks I see daily around Southwest Colorado the one that stands out to me is Wilson Peak.  It is my favorite mountain in the San Juan Range, and I never tire of looking at it.

The mountain itself is majestic at 14,017 feet high surrounded by its pals, El Diente and Mt. Wilson. The trio of fourteeners is especially captivating to view while the sun is setting. Once the sun dips underneath the horizon, the sky turns spectacular shades of orange, pink, purple and blue providing a beautiful backdrop for these granite beauties.

There is a 4-wheel drive road that leads to the base of Wilson for the adventurous mountaineers. Hundreds of people hike and climb to the top every summer. A few trek in the winter, but mainly seeking some backcountry turns. I personally have not had the opportunity to reach the peak yet, but it is definitely a goal of mine to summit Wilson. To stand on top and look across the peaks nearby and see into Utah and possibly Arizona is an exhilarating thought.

The peak was named after A.D Wilson, who was a well-known topographer in the 1870’s. He had a huge part in mapping out the western slope of Colorado. You may notice that on every label of Coors, the beer company, there is a mountain shown. Well, fun fact, the logo is a representation of Wilson Peak. So even if you have never been to Telluride you have probably glimpsed Wilson Peak!

I love Wilson Peak because it is so much different than any other mountain I’ve seen. I think it is prettier with snow on it, but even without snow it is still striking. People come hundreds of miles just to see the beautiful peak in person, and I don’t blame them. I am lucky to live so close to it, and maybe I take advantage of our beautiful views here, but every time I look up to see Wilson Peak I always stare a little bit longer than the other mountains.