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Watch Gus Kenworthy in the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Tuesday • February 11, 2014

Telluride local Gus Kenworthy makes his Olympic debut tonight in the Skier Slopestlye Competition, and the town of Telluride could not be more proud!  Telluride residents recently rallied in front of the San Miguel Courthouse with signs and banners to show their support.   Watch this amazing video put together by the talented Keith Hill and the team at Bootdoctors.  



Catching Kenworthy can be a little tricky due to the 11 hour time difference in Sochi.  Here's your guide to watching Gus over the next few days:

Slopestyle Qualifier-Takes place in Sochi on Thursday Feb 13th at 10AM meaning it happens in Telluride on Wednesday Feb 12th at 11PM and can be streamed on NBC's website if you are a paying cable or satellite subscriber with NBC channels in your subscriber package.

If you aren't a paying cable or satellite subscriber and want to hack your way to watching Olympic coverage, check out this link by Forbes on making your computer think you are in Canada or Great Britian.  

Slopestyle Final-Also takes place in Sochi on Thursday Feb 13th just a few hours later than the qualifying round.   If you are a night owl and want to catch it in real time, it should be streamable live around 2:30AM in Telluride 

The taped coverage of the final will be aired as a part of NBC's primetime network broadcast on the evening of Thursday Feb 13th beginning around 7PM.  

If Gus makes it into the finals, local organizers are planning on hosting a community screening on Feb 13th beginning at 7PM at the Palm Theatre in Telluride.  

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GO for the Gold GUS!