Book Lodging Facebook Contest Winner!

Wednesday • November 16, 2011

We gave away lodging and festival tickets to the 2nd annual Telluride Horror Show this past October. The winner was Cathleen from AZ. Read how much fun our winner had! 

"Based on the duration of the drive, I knew I was getting close.  It was a very dark evening and had recently snowed.  I could barely see.  I felt surrounded and an impending sensation of suspense began to creep up my back.  I could sense there was beauty here only it was enveloped by cold darkness.  All sorts of random gruesome possibilities of fatality began to fill my mind.  My fingers were very cold and glued to the steering wheel, my eyes felt glazed over and my heart was racing.  What a great way to start off a weekend of successive horror, sci-fi and suspense thrillers!  I was headed to Telluride, CO for the 2nd Annual Horror Show.  I won 3 nights of accommodations at the lovely Aspen Street Inn and a 3-day pass to the festival due to the marvels of modern technology known as social media.  Woo Hoo! 

The next morning, I awoke to a majestic view from by balcony and felt the warm sun on my cheeks as I sipped a delicious cup of coffee from the dining room at the aspen Street Inn.  It was of great comfort when I was able to dismiss my claustrophobic feelings from the prior evening upon discovering that this quaint little town was in the center of a snow capped mountain range.  My feelings of caution were certainly justifiable on the icy roads but not to the point of utter living fear.  It was exciting none-the-less to stroll through the quaint streets laden with colorful leaves from the trees looming overhead.   A warm sensation of comfort spread through my veins and I felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience such beauty and breathe the deliciously fresh air.  The gondola provided a view that will most likely now forever serve as a setting in my favorite of dreams.   I could only imagine what beauty lies within these hills when they are completely covered in snowy powder. 

Despite the brisk cold breeze, I found myself seeking opportunities between screenings to occupy one the benches on Main St. and simply inhale the serenity & marvel at the majesty of my surroundings.  It was an internal battle as my intentions to indulge these desirable moments were in conflict with the purpose for my visit.  Research was my raison d’etre as I am the production manager for an upcoming feature film entitled Bloody Border, a zombie western, which is currently in production and hopes to achieve completion in time for submission to the 3rd Annual Horror Show.  Hmmm?  Extended moments of serenity or audience reactions to scenes of slashers, creatures and rather disturbed individuals, which will it be?  In the end, I chose the screenings in the ultimate hope that my research would lead to the successful final production of our film and therefore allow me the ability to return to the wonderful and quaint little town of Telluride for as many extended moments of beauty, peace and serenity as my heart desires.  Thanks Telluride.  It was a wonderful 3 days and I hope to return . . . someday."