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Telluride hits the snooze button but doesn't stay asleep long.

Tuesday • May 17, 2016

Telluride hits the snooze button with the culmination of the closing day party of the ski resort.  

A quiet calm blankets the town as residents embark on their various travel adventures and visitors bid ski season goodbye.  Restaurants and businesses close to refresh and revamp, and the lively heartbeat of Telluride settles to a resting pace for a few weeks.  Some of the “locals” stick around, earning some late season powder days courtesy of our commonplace April and early May snows. After all, this is springtime in the Rockies.  Those not so keen on continued winter conditions can jaunt away on various day trips, including Moab, Utah for mountain biking and climbing.  That’s one of the many merits of this box canyon mountain town, you can ski and bike in the same weekend. Who doesn’t like options?   


Telluride doesn’t stay asleep long; that wouldn’t be in our spirit.  

As the days of May roll by, town starts to see a resurgence of vibrancy.  Flowers stubbornly peek through the partially snow covered ground while the sun fights to claim its dominance over the snowy skies. People begin to trickle back reinvigorated after life expanding experiences, bolstering the intellectual capital of this town. Restaurants reopen and the beat kicks up.  

This time of year is when we gather in Town Parkto mingle and reconnect over softball and sand volleyball.  

Our women’s and men’s softball teams are ripe with camaraderie amongst players and opponents alike.  Fans are eager to join to in the fun and to watch both skillful displays of athleticism and comical blunders.  And of course this calls for some adult beverages to be enjoyed, albeit it responsibly.  The dogs of Telluride are equally as happy to reunite at the park for their own rendition of games.  The more the merrier, check out the schedule and enjoy the entertainment!  


On the sunny days not earmarked for Town Park activities, there is hiking to be done on one of our many local trails.  

Since the snow is still holding on strong at higher elevation, the early season favorite hike is the Jud Wiebe trail.  This 3 mile loop gets early season sun and is well worth the effort of 1,300 feet elevation gain.  The vantage point rewards you with views of town, Ajax Peak, Bear Creek, the ski resort and the valley floor.  Our Telluride hiking guide can fuel your ambitions for exploring our beautiful mountain region. 


This is truly a special time of year in here in Telluride.  

With things not quite full steam ahead, now is prime time to experience an authentically local vibe.  This is also the time to plan for another epic summer season.  Are you ready to join in the festivus and adventures?