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Telluride Farmer's Market

Monday • August 24, 2015

Friday. It is already such a good day because it is the day before the weekend! And in our box canyon Friday is especially great because it marks the day of the weekly Telluride Farmer’s Market. During the summer season - June 5th to October 9th - Oak Street is packed with white tents, rain or shine. Hundreds of visitors come to wander the street - a virtual treasure trove of goods including freshly harvested produce, baked goods, organic meats, fragrant kettle corn, unique jewelry, comfortable clothes, and flower bouquets.  


Art is beautiful no matter what shape or color it is in, and there are so many options to pick from at the Farmer’s Market. Forest Lampworking has gorgeous handmade artisan glass work. Yank and Flanders has irreplaceable ceramic creations that will blow your mind. There are eye catching bowls, mugs, etc., from Red Cliffs Pottery which any one would enjoy getting as a gift. Knitted things remind people of home and Bear Hands Fiber Arts and San Juan Alpacas can offer that small piece of nostalgia. Graphite is such a simple thing to think about but Adam Carlos’ pieces make you realize that it can be turned in to jaw dropping art. Also, if you are vacationing, consider taking home a souvenir from Telluride Vintage Print.


One of a kind jewelry can make any girl feel beautiful, so let’s celebrate that. The Cortezians are four artists from Dolores and Cortez whose booth has great options to view and admire. Simply Magnetic offers unique magnet therapy jewelry that improves circulation and is said to provide healing benefits. SW Designs in Jewelry has stunning silversmith jewelry to try on and fall in love with. Also, Jes Park Designs, San Juan Artisans and Sue Hill Designs are booths that must be checked out!


Something fun to take home from the market is clothes! From festivarian styles to fashionable togs - there are many different options to pick from for your next outfit. Concerned about the planet? Well check out Damselfly’s organic clothing line. Also, Originals by B&C use partially reclaimed clothes in their styles and recycled materials in their bags, remember every little bit counts! The Colorado ColorWaves offers styles for fun people, with tie-dye galore. If you like the Japanese style of Shibori Dying, Bohemian has unique looks that you can pair with your favorite piece of jewelry! Now we can’t forget about the Kids Fashion - Cartwheel Clothing has the cutest things for your littles.  Everyone has their own fashion style, so select some pieces from the market to give your closet a boost!

Straight from the Farms:


Meat lovers are everywhere, and TFM does not forget it. There are great, delicious options, including grass fed beef from Canyon of the Ancients, and pasture raised beef from James Ranch. Wild Mesa Farm has pork, chicken and Alaskan Salmon, which looks incredibly fresh despite traveling so far. In the mood for kebabs or chops, there is even pasture raised sheep from Southwest lambs for the lamb lover.

Veggies, Fruits and more

Vegetables are in abundance at the farmers market, so no worries if you are looking for a garden-fresh salad. Buckhorn Garden, Tomten Farm, and High Desert seeds are perfect places to find your fresh fixings. Abundant Life has fruit, veggies, jams and pickles that are all delicious! White Buffalo has super sweet fruits and Zephyros has flowers to add a little color to your table as you prepare a delicious meal with your market purchases. Organic Food Worx likes their vegetables a little different, dehydrated! They want to use the ancient technique so that you can eat healthy no matter how long ago you bought the food. And then theirs my personal favorite fresh stand, Indian Ridge. They have vegetables, eggs, baked goods, and the best granola I’ve ever tasted.

Food for Now: 

While you are looking around and buying super cool stuff, you’ll probably get hungry, and the market has you covered.

Sweet Snacks

If you are lucky to have great weather, lemonade is probably the most refreshing drink to have, especially one from Tom Cat’s.  Also, Elegant Elephant has cooling shaved ice and Sasst Q’s Ice Pops have an abundance of flavors to choose from. Now, I am a chocoholic and can’t walk by Gus Chocolate without my mouth watering. But what really gets me is when you walk with in a block of Oak you can smell Sweet Pea Kettle Corn, and that is my true weakness.

Full Meals

There are so many places to grab a delicious lunch that it is hard to choose just one. But ARA Catering and Sawpit Mercantile have great barbeque that makes you feel like you’re at the neighbors evening picnic. The Asii Restaurant has authentic Thai and Mountain Stir Fry is delicious just looking at it. Exceptional pork dumplings can be found at rusty Rhino and fresh salad bowls at Tucker & Babe. If you want something just a bit smaller, Spit Fire Grill has perfectly proportioned tacos and Golden Crumb has savory sandwiches.

A few more booths to explore:

Body Care

Up in this dry climate we have to be careful to take care of our sensitive skin, and there are so many remedies to help. Singing Springs Botanicals has a variety of body oil and naturopathic products that deeply nourishes. Soap that won’t dry out your skin is important and Smart by Nature has a great assortment. Now if you walk by a stand catching a waft of delightful fragrance – you probably just passed Cimarron Creek Essentials or Butterfly Outpost, both have divinely smelling creams and need more testers!


There are a couple stands that don’t quite fit under a category, but still need be given attention. Soil Solutions is a company that takes leftover food and makes it in the composts and worm castings tea. The Fair Ring is probably a little girl’s favorite stand, it has everything you would need to be a fairy, including face painting. And, in this town, we cannot forget about the dogs. Thrive Pet Health has a great selection of dog food and treats.