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Steep and Surreal: Silverton, CO

Thursday • January 12, 2012

Each week this month, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite neighboring towns you need to check-off your bucketlist. Southwest Colorado has so much to offer… and some of the most amazing activities, towns, day trips and people in the country! This week we’re featuring Silverton, Colorado. 

Silverton is one of our favorite neighboring towns. Our San Juan sister. Just a short 2 hour drive... you can easily make Telluride your home base and cruise over for a fabulous day on the mountain. Lots of people we speak to will come ski Telluride for a couple days... and then head to Silverton, or vice versa. Good idea. Some of the best skiing, views and snow in all of Colorado. The skiing is out. of. this. world. 

If you've never been or even heard of it for that matter, it's tough to grasp its awesomeness in words. It's one of those places that you just have to visit to truly understand its magical appeal. An anomaly in the ski industry... there's not another town or ski "resort" like it. Located in the middle of nowhere Colorado, sandwiched in between Durango, Ouray & Telluride, it acts as the Bermuda Triangle of the west - freakish weather patterns that give it more white, fluffy stuff than most other Colorado resorts. 

This little town perched at 9,318 feet above sea level is home to 250 year-round residences who can probably ski a lot better than you can. If they can't, then they can definitely drink you under the table. Needless to say... there's not much else going on in the winters. A town frozen in the late 80's with more watering-holes than restaurants, intricate multi-colored Victorian homes, steep & deep terrain and a skiing addiction like no other.

Where to Stay? If you end of spending the night... stay at The Triangle Motel. Nothing fancy... but the perfect spot to get some much needed z's before your epic day of skiing.

Where to Eat? Handlebars Food and Saloon

Silverton is a must-do in the winter or summer if you're visiting Southwest Colorado!!!