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The Spirit of Mountainfilm

Tuesday • May 31, 2016


Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and Mountainfilm is packing up the Tibetan prayer flags which adorned town.

Telluride is now officially in the swing of our summer festival season.

The past several days were engrossed by Mountainfilm and its people, who gather in Telluride for inspiration and education on social and environmental issues affecting the world.  We watch thought provoking film, we engage in conversation with one another, we celebrate progress and ruminate on how to keep pushing positive change forward. This is all part of the “indomitable spirit” of Mountainfilm.  


It is easy to fall into a narrow frame of thought, especially in a box canyon lucky to be sheltered from the many challenges our ecosystems and global citizens face.  

Mountainfilm angles the spotlight beam and brings awareness to how our everyday life choices translate into our output into the world.

I have come to think of this time as an annual litmus test of my personal focus and contribution (or lack thereof) to the world. Often, the concepts and problems presented in the films and talks are not new, nor surprising.  They do, however, always serve as an illustration of how l have been conducting myself within the greater fabric of society in mind.  This sets a tone and a path for my habits and behaviors moving forward.



I would encourage all people who have enough self awareness to recognize that there are greater things than ourselves to make time to attend Mountainfilm.  I’d go one step further and make it mandatory for those who haven’t found that awareness yet.  

Awareness is the first step, then comes action.  

It starts with us individually.  Understandably with large issues on the table, such as climate change, it can be overwhelming to discern where and how to begin.  Once you come together with ideas amongst other spirited people and break down the issue into smaller pieces, action plans can become tangible and clear.  



“Find your moral imagination of what you want for the world with your life.”

This was a message which resonated in one of the films this weekend.  This is the spirit of Mountainfilm.  Go find something you want to do and do it.  Whatever it is.  Even if you want to jump off a cliff, just take action.

Outdoor adventure films screened here inspire and demonstrate that with perseverance and passion, humans are capable of tremendous feats.  You can climb that mountain, one step at a time.  You can ski that line, one turn at a time.  Take those concepts and apply to bigger projects: you can have an impact on climate change, one small habit change after another.   



Mountainfilm is a petrie dish for growing ideas to spread to the broad masses of the world.

The Tibetan prayer flags may be gone, but their spirit of promoting peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom remains. Come allow the spirit to imprint on you.  This is the spirit which defines Telluride, and not only during Mountainfilm.