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Sochi Puppies - 4 Years Later

Tuesday • February 20, 2018

The 2014 Sochi Olympics bred two major Telluride stars: Gus Kenworthy and the Sochi Pups. We all know Jake and Mishka, but the local celeb is Mamuchka, mom to the litter. Mamuchka was adopted by Gus’s mom, Pip, and lives a dream life Telluride. In an interview USA Today, Kenworthy explained, 'My mom is actually obsessed with her...She likes the dog more than she likes my brothers and I. She has a grandchild now. My oldest brother has a daughter, and between the daughter and the dog, she’s like, I don’t care about anybody else." We wanted to catch up Pip and Mamuchka to see how she is doing 4 years after being rescued.

Quick Bio: Mamuchka is the mom to the Sochi pup litter, although she is technically only Jake’s mom. Mishka was a different stray Gus happened to rescue. Mamuchka has always been a very protective and giving mother. When the puppies were living on the streets of Sochi, Mamuchka would hunt for scraps to feed her puppies before allowing herself to eat. This quality holds true today. Anyone in town would tell you that Mamuchka is Pip’s shadow, always by her side ready to protect and provide. After Mamuchka came to Telluride, it took a bit of time to turn her into a domesticated dog. She used to jump on countertops, couches, and at one pointed chewed all the seat belts in Pip's car. After a few months, she settled down into her life in Telluride.

Favorite Toys: Everything from BarkBox! Mamuchska gets toys and treats sent to her once a month and every time the box is delivered she gets so excited – she knows it’s for her! She has a basket of toys and every day she will pull them all out and choose her favorite for the day.

Favorite Walk in Telluride: In the summer Bear Creek Trail or Hope Lake. In the winter she loves to tag along as Pip cross-country skis Trout Lake. 

When was the last time she saw her pup? She hasn’t seen Jake in 2 years, Last time he was in town she was full of tough love. She would dominate him during play time but would always let him sleep on the bed. 

Did you ever get a DNA Test? No DNA test, but Pip likes to call her a Russian German Shepherd.

Will you two be going to see Gus in South Korea? Unfortunately, Mamuchka will not be attending but Pip is there to cheer on Gus!