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Snow Daze - Telluride is way more than just mountains.

Friday • December 8, 2017

Writer David Amsden pulled us in with his article "Snow Daze," a candid take on the unrivaled spirit of Telluride. You can read the full article here, or enjoy a roundup of our favorite passages.

On Skiing -

“For everything that makes Telluride’s 2,000 plus acres of skiable terrain a paradise – the phenomenal quality of the snow, the legendary steepness, the surreal vistas in all directions – what is most remarkable is that you truly have the mountain to yourself. It was the height of ski season, yet over the course of three days I never waited longer than a few seconds for a lift and often found myself alone, in the middle of the day, on some of the most popular runs.”

On Nightlife - 

“Mezcal and blood-orange cocktails gave way to tequila shots served in tiny glass ski boots, and at some point in the night, I’d decided it was a good idea to attempt a handstand on the bar. That no one batted an eye explains a lot, I think, about the local nightlife.”

On Locals - 

“And then there were the locals, an implausibly fit array of characters who seemed drawn from different chapters in Telluride’s history, all of whom emitted the distinct glow of people in their prime.”  

On the Mountains - 

“Two steps outside the door, however, I became momentarily paralyzed. Telluride will do that to a person on a clear day. Even in a state with no shortage of breathtaking towns carved into mountains, the place is uniquely spectacular for being squeezed on all sides by the highest concentration of 13,000-foot peaks in the Rockies.”


Amsden's article is featured in the December 2017 issue of Travel + Leisure. Photographs by Jake Stangel.