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Small Town 4th of July with a Big Bang

Friday • July 1, 2016

The 4th of July is a time for people and communities to come together in celebration of our Nation’s independence.

Whether the setting is at camp in the woods, gathering at a family home, enjoying the sandy beach or lakefront, the foundational concept remains the same. Togetherness and unity. Just like the people of America came together in pursuit of their desire to lead their lives, in the their country, on their terms.  Since 1776,  towns small and large throw parties to celebrate this monumental accomplishment.

Telluride takes the 4th of July party crown.  

This old mining town has certainly grown up and evolved throughout the years, but the 4th of July celebration maintains its quirky zealor. Over the years, this has been a rowdy celebration here. So rowdy in fact, that is was cancelled in the 70’s. In true Telluride spirit, the limitations on fun didn’t last long and the celebrations resumed. Today, the 4th of July is the second largest summer event, just behind Bluegrass Festival.


The festivities of the 4th kick off early in the morning with a nod to the active outdoor lifestyle of Telluridians with the Rundola.  This physical challenge up the mountain is a small reflection of the real strifes our forefathers faced during the battle for our freedom. Not to mention a prepayment into the calorie bucket for the day’s festivities to follow.  While runners and hikers are slogging uphill, the parade floats and participants are gearing up for their show of shenanigans.


Telluride may be small mountain town USA, but there is nothing small about our dedication to the celebration of the 4th.

The flyover of the Colorado Guard’s planes rattles Main Street as signal the commencement of the parade.  As the planes sweep over Ajax Peak, the excitement permeates through the crowd and sets the tone for the day.  And so the march begins. Bands play, people in costumes dance, candy is thrown and veterans walk with honor.


This level of stoke works up an appetite, for food, libations and mostly, more fun.  And who doesn't like their dessert first?

The Telluride Historical Museum is just the place to be for that, with their root beer float party.  Step back in time with a tour through the museum and take a moment to pay homage to those who paved the way for where we are now.  Telluridians were, particularly hardy folk, surviving the unforgiving mountain winters in this mining community. The following generations of hippie ski bums who pioneered the revival of town, enabled the continuity of the traditions of Telluride into present day.  After your root beer dessert and walk through Telluride history, the firefighters are primed to serve up a barbeque for you and over 2000 of their other closest friends in Town Park.  More fun and games to be had!  




The pinnacle of Telluride 4th is our fireworks display.

This is a show which stimulates both your visual and acoustic senses and rivals as one of the best in the country. Fireworks explode, creating a reverberating echo between the box canyon walls.  The fireworks could be symbolic of the battles for our freedom during the Revolutionary war, the cracking of the muskets and the explosions of light.  While you take in the power and magic of the display, take a moment to reflect on the luxury of having civil liberties and freedom.

While the 4th of July is a reminder to appreciate and celebrate these, Telluride is a place which emphasizes them as our cultural foundation.  


We are a “civil liberties safe zone,” year round.  Come celebrate this freedom with us, anytime.