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Preparing for Fall in Telluride

Wednesday • August 26, 2015

Fall in Telluride means more to me than just a beautiful season, in an even more beautiful town. I first fell in love with Telluride in the fall, it was during my first visit here. I came in early October, and even though I was only able to experience the city in a couple days, I knew I needed to live in this beautiful canyon. I remember sitting on the gondola, close to tears because I wanted to come to Telluride so bad. Now, every fall I think of that visit, and remember why I fell in love with it, and I want you too to make the most of this perfect time.

Now, I know it is still August, but colder weather is coming and we can’t deny it, so let’s prepare for it! Though Telluride is mainly known for its winter and summer activities, it can sometimes be over looked in autumn. All around the mountains there are thousands of aspen trees, that all turn the prettiest yellows and oranges. It always reminds me of the calendars that have the perfect turning leaves, and you think it had to be photo shopped. Then you see Tellurides aspens and realize such bright colors do exist in real life!

The views on the gondola are the prettiest of the whole year in September and October; either it’s looking down at town or out towards Wilson, you can see all the magnificent colors of autumn. Also, the hikes, that you think you can’t do because it’s not summer, are the prettiest they will ever be. My runs along the valley floor in the fall are the best runs, because the trail in covering in a golden blanket, the walls around me are a collage of warm colors and above me the blue Colorado sky. Also, fall is hunting season, and if you have your permit, the elk are waiting.

So even though you probably have been told to come to Telluride in the summer and winter, you also need to come in the fall. The town is quiet, the mountains are beautiful and there is no better place to be than Telluride when the temperature starts to drop and the first snowflakes start to fall.