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November Real Estate Update

Tuesday • November 25, 2014

Take a look at the graph which plots 16 years of total market volume and number of transactions. Finally 2014 may prove to leave the bottom years behind.

Five brokers of the Nevasca Realty team came together recently to assess the entire Telluride MLS, in order to determine in their opinion, what the best opportunities are in the higher end price range above $ 1.5 million. We considered 277 properties ranging from $ 1.5 M to $ 29.5 M, and included all types of real estate except time shares. We reduced the list to 33 properties, which broadly represents both unique and realistically valued properties in our current market. Many more properties were included in the initial round, but in an effort to keep the list shorter, many were excluded. It's also important to realize that in a small market like Telluride most of our properties are very unique, and a case could be made for keeping the entire list intact.