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No Rainy Day Blues

Wednesday • July 15, 2015

Not very often do we have a full rainy day in Telluride, but when it happens a lot of people think there is nothing to do. However, they could not be more wrong. Sure there are a thousand outdoor activities, but there are also things to do inside as well!

First, hit that snooze button, not once, not twice, but MANY times. Heck, just turn off that alarm! Catch up from those early morning hikes and late night stargazing, because there is no need to rush. Sometimes it is good to have a day off from go, go, go!

Spa Day

Finally emerging from slumber, jump into those Lulu Lemons and grab your mat. While dodging the raindrops you can duck into one of the yoga studios that offer several daily classes from Ashtanga to Prana. There are ALWAYS beginner classes available too, so no reason to be nervous. Yoga is amazing way to clear your mind of any stress.  Additionally, there is a plethora of massage options to loosen up your sore muscles and get you ready for the hikes to come once the weather clears up.

Swim Indoors

Even though it is raining, sometimes it’s good to get a little wet. The Peaks Spa has an indoor-outdoor pool and a water slide for kids! There are indoor hot tubs, and a sauna and steam room to enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Explore the History 

While it’s pouring outside, you can enrich your mind with the fascinating history of Telluride. The Telluride Historical Museum is the best place to learn about the years before Telluride was the world class ski resort it is today. They have great guided tours or you can wonder the rickety house on your own to try and truly understand the life of old miners.

Visit our library 

A great way to pass the time on a cloudy day is to read an intriguing book! The Wilkinson Public Library is located at 100 W. Pacific Avenue and is open to all between 10am-8pm Monday – Thursday, 10am – 6pm Friday & Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sunday. They have a huge variety of books for every age and every taste.  The magazine collection is incredible with plenty of comfortable leather chairs to kick back in as you peruse. They also offer many events throughout the season for all ages including lectures, workshops, stargazing, punk science, story time, kid movies, Zumba and Pilates.

You Want a Coffee with That Book?

If you won’t have time to finish that book in time to return it, then mosey over to Between the Covers instead.  This bookstore gives you a cozy feeling and I love walking in just to look at all the new books! Also, in the back of the store High Alpine Coffee is awaiting you to buy a nice hot cup of Jo to keep you warm while you wait out the rain.

End with a Movie 

The best way to end a rainy day is to settle down and watch a great movie. The Nugget Theater offers two movies a night, the first typically at 5:30pm and the second around 8:00pm. It’s an intimate single room theater which makes you feel like a producer watching the director’s cut.  And you will certainly be treated to a Telluride PSA which are all done with local talent. Not to be missed. Although movies arrive in Telluride a bit later than most theaters, it’s always nice to watch the movie you thought you had to wait for DVD to see!

No Worries Here 

No matter the weather you will never run out of things to do here in Telluride. So if it happens to rain during your stay, don’t fret, it does not have to be a day wasted!