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Lunch with Ron Allred

Thursday • September 4, 2014

By Erik Fallenius, president of Nevasca Realty

Lunch with Ron Allred...

Once a year during the summer months I get together for lunch with Ron Allred, former owner of the ski area and developer of the Mountain Village. I enjoy my time with him because my life in Telluride, and my now 33 year real estate career have been so enormously impacted by what he did with the ski area and the development of the Mountain Village. 

Ron was 38 when he bought the Telluride ski area and all of it's developable real estate, and he was 29 when he embarked on the ownership and development of Avon and the base of Beaver Creek. A street smart visionary with a knack for real estate, a benevolent dictator during the pre-incorporation years of Mountain Village, the Mountain Village ambassador for all newcomers and grandfather to 22, not all direct descendants he quickly points out, but grandchildren non the less. Ron shares his feelings about the past and future openly and freely. 

Sure he would have done things differently, but he's proud of how the Village and Telluride have evolved since his first arrival in 1978, the same year Josephine and I arrived. He is disappointed that the us and them perception has persisted between the two Towns, since "we really are one regional community". Early on he felt that the ideal would have been to have one Town to govern both communities, in hindsight that was clearly a passing ideal. He hadn't really preferred the incorporation of Mountain Village. In terms of planning the Village, he notes that the greatest set back was the change to the status of the Valley Floor, which in those early years had a higher density reserve with a gondola access, from the area behind the Shell station, to the core of Mountain Village. The commercial core design was predicated on the Valley Floor density. Today the Mountain Village works hard to overcome the challenges of the lower density development which has occurred. He points to the Gondola as one of the regions best assets, and suggests that my idea to keep control over the critical transportation link with the Telluride Mountain Village Home Owners Association, has merit. 

Today Ron and Joyce split their time between Telluride and Arizona, spending most of the time here, with regulars journeys to Maui, wher he still maintains an investment. Many of us miss Ron and Joyce as the consummate ambassadors of the Mountain Village, but we're very happy that they are still very much a part of the greater community of Telluride and Mountain Village.

July Real Estate Update...


Wow... Judy Kiernan, of Telluride Consulting, has again shared her research, and as you can see, the numbers are very promising. We're again reaching new six year highs for both year to date and for the month of July.