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Interview with Olympic Hopeful Hagen Kearney

Monday • February 5, 2018

Telluride is lucky enough to have three locals headed to the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea this month. We heard from Keaton McCargo last week about her career, drop-in rituals, and her favorite Telluride ski run. This week Hagen Kearney, who is competing on the SBX Team, shares a bit about his snowboard career, Rock and Roll band, and his dream motorcycle.

First off, major congratulations on qualifying! When did you start boarding?

Thanks! I started riding in 2000 when my family moved to Telluride.

What made you decide to start competing in snowboard cross events?

I had always competed in every discipline when I was younger. But I decided to compete in SBX seriously when the I got to train alongside with the US team in Telluride. They used to have their training camps here for the World Cup we used to have.

How did growing up in Telluride influence your career?

Being in Telluride and going to a school where ski PE was a thing really made snowboarding my whole life. I was able y start traveling around CO and the US for contests. The resort and the people I was around really fostered an environment for competitive snowboarding.

Will you prepare differently for the Olympics than the World Cup?

Not really. I have my routine. I'm just excited to get on that big of a course finally!

Do you have a ritual before dropping in?

No, I don't have any rituals... other than maybe ice bathing the night before haha.

Whats your favorite location you’ve competed in?

I would say either Austria or Spain. Those places have always been good to me.

What advice would you give to young athletes who are looking to follow in your footsteps?

I would say learn from your failures. I know it sounds cliche, but don't ever quit. Because you are going to want to. Deliberately DO NOT quit.

You released an album last year with your band, Kapix. That’s freaking awesome! Any future plans for Kapix?

Yea it was such a cool experience to record an album with my friends in SLC!! We want to make another album and keep playing live shows! Hopefully, tour and play in Telluride someday!

Flash Round:

Favorite pump up song?

Prince of the rodeo - Turbonegro

Favorite run in Telluride?


Favorite restaurant in town?

Taco Del Gnar

Dream motorcycle?

Harley Davidson 1993 FXR