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Wednesday • March 8, 2017

When I walk up to the door of the yoga studio, there are a million thoughts running through my head, and none of them are about poses or deep, meditative breaths. My thoughts are more about whether my pants will ride up too high, or if I will be the only one there who can't touch my toes without groaning. There's an intimidation factor at every gym or fitness studio, but it ratchets up a little higher in Telluride, where it seems like in every class there is someone who has summited Everest or ridden a 100-mile bike race. It can be a little daunting, at least until you get in the door and get welcomed by your new workout tribe.

Group workouts are all the rage, and according to Nielson statistics, 45% of people who attend group classes are more likely to work out at least five times a week, versus just 34% of people who exercise alone. That's because there's not just an intimidation factor with group workouts, there's also a motivational factor. The key to getting over your trepidation is finding the right group to motivate you. And in Telluride, there are a lot of options for working out indoors and getting in shape for whatever outdoor pursuits you prefer.

YOGA: Looking for more flexibility and balance? There are a few places you can do yoga in Telluride, but the two main studios are Telluride Yoga Center, which offers traditional classes at every level and the new Mangala Yoga, which teaches "hot yoga" sessions.

PILATES: Pilates can help you get the core strength you need for every sport you want to try. There are two Pilates studios in Telluride: StudioTelluride, which offers both mat and equipment classes, and Pilates Balance, located near the Coonskin/Lift 7 area. You can also practice Pilates and gyrotonics at FUEL.

CROSSFIT: Crossfit is the epitome of motivational group training. It's a traditional type of workout, with some weight training, but with goals and friendly competition. It's a great workout to gain strength and endurance, and the only place you can do it here is at Telluride Gymnastics and Crossfit, which also doubles as a gymnastics studio.

CYCLING: Group cycling classes are springing up everywhere, and Telluride's FUEL has a new Pedal Den where you can get your leg strength and cardio up for biking season. It's a fun and non-competitive way to ride with friends. FUEL also has other unique group training classes, including aerobics, weights, circuit training, and even rock climbing.