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First Snow in Telluride

Wednesday • September 26, 2012

It was raining here in town, but boy, was it snowing up on the peaks! Winter is no longer just a far-off nostalgic memory from last season's epic runs or past years' powder stashes; winter has made its first appearance in Telluride! The clouds cleared just enough on Monday to catch a glimpse of the dusting on Ajax.

And the sun peeked out briefly on Tuesday so that we could really get a good look at the aspens against the snowy backdrop.

The snow brought with it some serious ski stoke here in Telluride. You are definitely going to want to get first tracks at 9 a.m. on November 22, 2012, opening day at Telluride Ski Resort. Here are some of our favorite Telluride ski runs:

  • Lookout – Take in the breathtaking views of Telluride from the top of this intermediate run. Access from Lift 9, off of See Forever.
  • Revelation Bowl - This bowl opened during the 2008-2009 winter season and boasts some of the best snow and scenery in North America. For advanced and expert skiers, this is a must.
  • Bushwacker – This steep black diamond run is great for advanced skiers. Groomed every 3 days. Located at the top of Lift 9.
  • Plunge – Make big turns on this extremely wide black diamond run. Access from Lift 9, off of See Forever.
  • See Forever – Perfect long cruiser run for beginners and intermediates. Access from the top of Lift 14, 6, or 9.
  • West Drain – This well hidden black diamond run offers tight turns and lots of speed. Great for intermediate and advanced skiers. Access from Lift 9, off of See Forever.
  • Coonskin – Get a mix of quality terrain on this black diamond run. Located at the top of Lift 7.
  • Milk Run – This steep and wide run is home to the Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club races. Located at the top of the Gondola.
  • Dynamo – Test your bravery and skills on this double black diamond run. For advanced / expert skiers only. Located at the top of Lift 14.
  • Magnolia – Great run with all types of terrain for beginners and intermediates. Located at the top of Lift 12, in Prospect Bowl.
  • Polar Queen – Nice and easy cruiser run that the whole family can enjoy. Located at the top of Lift 5.

So dust off the equipment, wax up those skis and boards, and get psyched!