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Fall Foliage

Wednesday • July 25, 2012

If you’ve ever walked through an aspen forest, consider yourself lucky. These tall, slender trees with white bark and delicate little leaves are only found in certain parts of Colorado, Telluride being one such area. Each year for only about two weeks, their leaves turn from a light green to a magnificent golden yellow. This year, the weather has been slightly askew and, though we are no meteorologists, we foresee that the forests surrounding Telluride will show their fall colors a few weeks early. That means that if you hope to see some gorgeous fall foliage in Telluride, be sure to come out and experience the beauty during the first couple weeks of September! 

Top 5 for Fall Foliage

1.) Gondola - The Telluride Free Gondola is the only one of its kind- transporting people from Telluride to Mountain Village every day in just 13 minutes. Not to mention, the ride gives you breathtaking views of town, the Box Canyon, the Wilsons, and the valley beyond. Perfect for an aerial view of the fall colors. 

2.) Hiking - There are several trailheads right here in town that will lead you through beautiful aspen groves, perfect for experiencing the wonder of their fall foliage. Take a short walk on the Jud Wiebe trail, or a full day hike on Sneffels Highline and you will not be disappointed. If you head out in the early morning or late afternoon, the light will be especially beautiful against their golden leaves.  

3.) Mountain Biking - Bring yourself and your bike up the Free Gondola to any of the many mountain biking trails that begin at the top of St. Sophia Station. One of our favorites is the Prospect Prail, a great 10 mile single track trail that brings you through the ski area and back down into Mountain Village. If you’re experienced and looking for a thrill, check out the Mountain Village Downhill Park, an expert rider’s playground.

4.) Golf and Disc Golf - That’s right, free disk golf! There is a course in Mountain Village that begins just across from the Town Hall Plaza. If you are unfamiliar with this fantastic game, you basically just aim for the targets (metal baskets), with the goal landing the disc in the basket. The winner is the player with the fewest number of throws throughout the course. Simple! Grab a Frisbee and get out there, a perfect activity to do while the aspens are in full golden hue.The course is open from 7am till Sunset. If you aren’t so good with a Frisbee, look into the Telluride Golf Club, a fantastic 18 hole course with the most breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains. 

5.) Fly Fishing - There are a handful of beautiful fishing spots right here in Telluride’s backyard. Get outside and breathe the crisp mountain air this September, you may even catch something! Check out our list of favorite fly fishing spots at nearby rivers and lakes