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Cosmopolitan Happy Hour!

Tuesday • October 22, 2013

All I can say is...Wow!  Cosmopolitan has arguably one of the BEST happy hours in Telluride.  AND they are open during the offseason regularly until Oct 26th then they will be open Wed-Sat.   

From 5-6PM 

 $5 Cosmos-vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau orange liquor, and lime juice. These are delicious and strong!  As a wouldn't be my first choice for a beverage.  However $5 for a Comso is hard to beat and I am secure enough with my manhood to suck it up! 

 1/2 price Shrimp and Calamari-That means $6 PEOPLE!  And it is a huge plate of lightly breaded shrimp and calamari with a sweet and spicy chili sauce for dipping!  Awesome dish for sharing! 


 1/2 price on Sushi Rolls-Your choice from their list of rolls ranging for $8-$9 with your happy hour discounts-Hamachi Volcano Rolls, Spider Rolls, Salmon Sashimi Rolls, Faux Unagi Roll just to name a few!


 So, my advice to you...GO TO COSMOPOLITAN for Happy Hour!  Service, ambiance, and cuisine are all top notch!  Maybe you will decide to stay for dinner which would be an awesome idea as well!