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Came to ski, stayed for the hiking

Tuesday • June 21, 2016

Summer in Telluride is short, but it is simply spectacular. 

The days are long, the alpen glows and rainbows are plentiful and the energy buzzing through town is consistently on par with that of a powder day.  There is certainly no shortage of adventures and experiences to be had; from hiking to mountain biking, enjoying festivals and live music, jeeping, climbing, floating the river or dining al fresco and partaking in the interesting sport of people watching.  With so many choices it is hard to carve out a favorite as each is special in its own right.  Like visitors and residents of Telluride, I was drawn to this town by the dramatic mountainscape and the desire to ski as many lines and as many days as I possibly could.  There are several local adages that are woven into the fabric of our little community and who knew that I, the winter enthusiast, would be a living example of:  “I came to ski, I stayed for the summers.”  



Some have the prowess to summit our mountains in the winter, but as the snow recedes, the high country becomes more accessible and that desire transfers to summertime summits. 

Our vast playground here offers scores of hiking routes of varying difficulty, rewarding vistas, alpine lakes and wildflowers. You would have to spend a lot of summers here exploring before repeating a trek. Inevitably one, or maybe even a few, will strike your senses and become a summer ritual. 

Hiking in the San Juans is challenging, it's rewarding and it's therapeutic.



One specific day hike is reminiscent of the ski seasons past and and allows for an alternative perspective of the terrain you ski on the resort.  This trek kicks off with a gondola ride to San Sophia mid station where the physical exertion commences up See Forever trail towards Revelation bowl.  This ski terrain (now hiking terrain) varies from moderate to expert and for those who aren’t quite able to tackle Revy bowl on the snow, the wildflower display in the summer months rivals in beauty.  You can catch a glimpse of Gold Hill as well and the La Salle mountains of Utah in the distance.  After walking through Revelation bowl, you meander downhill towards the Wasatch loop, through Nellie Valley and eventually down into Bear Creek.



This hike, and any hike for that matter, instills a great sense of personal accomplishment. 

You start by sizing up a mountain summit or ascent up a slope with a certain amount of skepticism and doubt.  After exerting efforts, both physical and mental, you can relish in the knowledge that you are indeed capable of great things.  Whether you prefer to hike alone, with friends, with dogs, or with a guide, the experience of tackling a hike allows you live in the present moment.  This is a time out from our various obligations, to get off the grid, to refresh and clear the cob webs and constraints of our routines.  It’s healthy and it’s a great way to connect with Telluride and its surrounding mountains. 



Come explore our mountain playground!