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Grabbing the Best Breakfasts in Telluride

Thursday • July 23, 2015

Breakfast. People say it is the most important meal of the day. I personally think it is the most delicious as well. And if you are like me, no ordinary breakfast will do, I like the best of the best.  I just hate going to a new place and not knowing where to get a perfect morning meal. Thankfully, you have me, consider it a favor, from one breakfast lover to another. I will outline all the great breakfast places, why they are great, and when to eat there depending on your taste preferences. Let’s begin!

Baked in Telluride 

If you are the type of person who likes a little sugar in the morning then I think you could use a Baked in Telluride donut. They have trays and trays of different types to choose from, so you will definitely find one that looks delicious. Also, they have fresh croissants. You can get their chocolate one, or a croissant sandwich with scrambled eggs or ham if you are in the mood for something more filling. Maybe you were looking for a different circular food to eat (instead of a donut), because their homemade bagels are delicious as well. 

Now I want you to stop and think for a second, if a croissant and a donut had a baby what would it be? A Dosant!! Yes, you read it folks, there is such a thing. I believe that they are heaven in your mouth, but don’t take it from me, go grab one yourself!

Butcher and the Baker 

A lot of times a person wants a breakfast restaurant that represents the town and what it stands for, and I think the Butcher and the Baker does just that. The atmosphere and the people there are all truly Telluridian*. They have great breakfast sandwiches for both meat and veggie people. I know a lot of you out there are becoming gluten free, and this place has you covered. I usually don’t like gluten free foods, but their gluten free blueberry pancakes are to die for. They also have brunch on Sundays, which is great for the people who like to sleep in a little late, and usually miss normal breakfast times.

*Telluridian /tel-uu-ride-ian/ adj. used to describe something that goes along very well with Telluride, and represents Telluride in the best way.

La Cocina 

Some people like a little extra spice in their meal, with more flavor to start the day. Well to make those people happy, I would guide them to La Cocina. They have a variety of Mexican eggs and omelets that make the taste buds very happy and forget that you are, in fact, not in Mexico but in the Rocky Mountains.  However, my personal favorite, the breakfast burrito with bacon, never fails to cheer up the day. You better be hungry, because every bite is mouthwatering.

Telluride Coffee Company

If you are up in the Mountain Village and just want a quick bite to eat then stop in at Telluride Coffee Company. Although not a full service restaurant, they have great bakery items to fill you up. There are countless coffee options for the people who need a little caffeine to perk them up in the morning. I personally usually grab one of their smoothies when I stop in. They are a quick and sustainable way to keep me going until lunch!  

Now, I hope this helped you figure out where you will be having breakfast while you are here, and please, enjoy your meal.