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Blitzen Trapper at Club Red-Telluride's newest venue

Thursday • March 6, 2014

Oregon based indie folk band Blitzen Trapper will be the first to perform at Telluride's newest club style venue on March 7th at 8PM.  Club Red, the brainchild of Beyond the Groove's Denise Mongan, is an intimate 450 capacity venue inside the Telluride Conference Center.  The sultry venue will feature red ambient lighting,  a large performance stage, cozy couches, and VIP seating.  Be among the first to witness Club Red and get your tickets here before they sell out.  

We recently did a ticket giveaway to the show on our Facebook Page....and the winner is....Carl Houser! 

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Blitzen Trapper was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2000 by a group of native PacificNorthwesterners, who played around town endlessly to skeleton crowds and gave away animpressive stream of garage recordings on CDR for years. Then came the Blitzen Trapperrecord in 2003, and Field Rexx in 2005. But it wasn't until 2007's self-released Wild MountainNation made a big splash that they finally hit the road, setting the stage for Furr's release thefollowing year. Powered by its title track and by the G-funk-inflected "Black River Killer" thatrecord became an unlikely hit and the group suddenly found itself on network television and inglossy magazines and astride colossal festival stages. So they released more music, touredthe Western world incessantly, got to work with the likes of Wilco, Stephen Malkmus, GuidedBy Voices and Belle & Sebastian, and slowly became the band they'd always dreamed theywould be. Blitzen Trapper are frontman and songwriter Eric Earley, Marty Marquis, BrianAdrian Koch, Michael Van Pelt and Erik Menteer.VII is the seventh record from Blitzen Trapper and their first release for Vagrant Records. Itstwelve tracks teem with vivid tales of longing, flight, desperation and redemption, all set in asonic landscape at once familiar, but also strange and new, like a dream. Without a doubt theculmination of all the group's best work, VII sounds a lot like America.