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The Best Places to Take Pictures in Telluride

Thursday • August 6, 2015

When you go somewhere, most likely you are going to take pictures to memorialize your experience. Whether you are a professional or a perfected iPhone-ographer you deserve to know where to capture the prettiest points in Telluride.

Middle of Colorado

One of the most touristy things a person can do is take a picture while standing in the middle of the street. But really, it’s because it is a beautiful spot and everyone who lives here has already done it. It captures Ajax in the background, the historical buildings on both sides and your family/friends in the middle. Don’t be ashamed though, everyone should have a main street picture to share.

The Swing 

The swing is a very popular place for people to get an artsy photo of Telluride. The swing itself is suspended on a huge tree branch up the hill from Maple Street on the east side of town. If you go up the road you will see a small trail, from there look up toward the right and you will see it. Bushwhack towards it and get ready to swing. As you pump your legs hard and try to get as high as you can to see just a little bit farther, you are surrounded by lush vegetation and the unique views of Telluride that are impossible to beat.


Aldasoro is a huge piece of land along the north hill side of town, with many estates, that overlooks both Mountain Village, Telluride and Wilson Peak. All are beautiful to shoot. You can get to Aldasoro by turning right on the first road after the roundabout on the Spur. There are so many ideal spots take your time until you find your perfect picture point.

Bridal Veil Falls 

If you have a 4-Wheel drive car or are willing to walk a ways up a hill I think you need to see Telluride from the dirt road heading to Bridal Veil. If you drive east on Colorado Road and keep going when it turns to dirt, the higher you go the better the view. It is a pretty rough road, but worth it. From this point of view you are able to truly see Telluride as the mountain bowl it is.

Inside of the Gondola or outside of Station San Sophia

While you are just sitting on the gondola for 12 minutes, take a minute to look down, or up, or all around to see the magnificence. Night or day this makes for a perfect picture! Also, if you have a little extra time, hop off at the mid station. Take in the Sneffels, Wilson Peak, the town below; the views are jaw-dropping.

Golf Course 

Even if you are not much of a golfer, you have to admit that pretending to like it is worth the views. It is a great spot to see the sun shining on Wilson and bright greenery reflecting off the pond. I think it is one of the prettiest places I have ever golfed, and no matter how many times I play it I am always in awe of the view.

Though you may not be able to capture every perfect spot to see, I am sure you can get a couple. Telluride is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I hope you will find the best place to show it off. Good luck fellow photographers!

Want more than just going around taking pictures by yourself? Try a guided photography tour!