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An Interview with Lucas Foster

Monday • January 8, 2018

We were lucky to score an interview with Lucas Foster, 18-year-old snowboarder and skateboarder who was born and raised in Telluride. Foster is best known for his skills on the half-pipe and his tricks landed him a spot on the 2017 Dew Tour.

First off, congrats on the Dew Tour! That is an amazing accomplishment. Did you try out for the competition or did you have to be invited?

Thank you! I got invited to compete in the team event for Salomon Snowboards.

Tell us about your experience at the Dew Tour?

It was awesome. It was my first event of that caliber and it was a great time. They put on a great event.

What was the vibe like? Were people competitive or were they supportive of one another?

Dew tour was a great vibe. You’d expect it to be more competitive and hectic with all the TV and media, but it was laid back. I got to meet some of the pros on Salomon and all of them are super cool. Everyone was super nice and it was more of a fun gathering of snowboarders. No one was super competitive, obviously, we all want to win but it was more of a friendly competitive atmosphere. I got to meet a lot of my favorite riders and it was a super fun time. I definitely look forward to more.

Do you have a ritual before dropping in?

I don’t really have a set ritual, but I try and start every contest by feeling good. So that’s a combo of waking up, stretching, eating a good breakfast, doing an active warmup of some sort so my body is feeling good and staying in a positive mindset. It’s a little different each time but ends in the same result: feeling good. I ride my best when I’m feeling 100 percent in my mind and body.

What are some new tricks you are working on?

I’ve been working on just making my tricks more stylish and consistent. On top of that, just learning more double corks and bigger spins in the halfpipe. I also am working on 1260s on jumps, I plan to work towards triple corks too.

What future competitions do you hope to attend?

I leave to Mammoth Lakes, CA this weekend for the US Grand Prix which is a selection event for the Olympics, it’s my first time doing one of those so I’m stoked on that. After that, I’m doing a few more Rev Tours. In the future, I have intentions to compete in the World Cups, X Games, more Dew Tours and the Burton US Open, just all those pro events.

Do you have a coach?

I do have a coach. I started out doing TSSC when I was younger, then when I was 14 I started getting coached and mentored by Jason Kannon and I still am to this day. Jason helped guide me to where I am at now and opened up a lot of opportunities for me. His guidance was definitely a turning point in my career. I learned how to make my mind and body significantly stronger which changed my riding and life. I also am coached by Jim Smith when I’m in Summit County and he’s been a huge help. Other then that, I ride a lot with all my friends and we all push each other to progress.

How are you feeling about the lack of snow – do you like what they’ve done with the park in Telluride? Do you think the lack of snow will affect your training?

I actually really like what they got going for us here. The park is so fun. As unfortunate as it is to not have much snow, I’ve been having a blast. It doesn’t harm my development as a rider too much. I do lots of off-snow training in the gym, doing yoga, meditating, stuff for my mental game etc. and I honestly get more out of that and see more success in not only my snowboarding but my life in general when I’m really proactive with all that. The lack of snow has shifted my focus to that stuff when I’m home. Obviously, you got to snowboard too, but I’ve been enjoying my time at home and am keeping busy. Everything is getting better and better, despite the lack of snow.

Hopes and goals for the future?

I plan to continue progressing as a snowboarder and as a human. The most important thing to me is that I am starting and ending each day with excitement, gratitude and that I’m happy with how I’m riding and living my life while leaving room for motivation to keep doing the same. I never want to stop improving myself. Then I definitely have my career goals, I want to compete in the next Winter Olympics in 2022. I’m working towards that goal all the time and am getting closer and closer. I mainly just want to be a well-rounded snowboarder, film video parts, get good results in the contest, have a smile on my face and be a good person. I want to inspire people and be a positive leader, that’s the ultimate goal for me. It’s all about enjoying life and I just want to continue loving every moment of every day.

Flash Round:

Snowboarder you look up to most?

Stale Sandbech or Harry Kearney

Favorite non-park run in Telluride?


Favorite restaurant in town?

Taco Del Gnar, duh.

Favorite summer hike?

Columbine Lake!

Thanks, Lucas! Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you to my friends, family, sponsors, coaches, the list will go on forever! Love you all!